Environmental Acoustics & Vibration

As with clean air and water, the community has a right to an agreeable acoustical environment. In recognition of this, governments have developed sophisticated guidelines with the aim of ensuring that acceptable levels of environmental noise are achieved on noise sensitive lands, such as residential areas or hospital sites. Careful assessment of noise impact is normally required as part of the planning approval process for both industrial facilities and for noise sensitive land uses.

Freefield Ltd. assists companies, planners, environmental consultants, architects, engineers and developers to meet acoustical requirements for projects. As well as sophisticated measurement equipment, we have extensive experience in noise and vibration control and work closely with our clients to develop practical and cost effective noise and vibration assessments and, where necessary, control measures. We prepare acoustical reports which will meet government requirements, for example, requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC).

Professional Consulting Services

  • Noise and vibration environmental impact studies (Environmental Compliance Approvals)
  • Acoustical studies for land use planning and development approvals
  • Noise impact assessments for industrial clients such as aggregates production
  • Road, rail and air transportation noise and vibration studies
  • Design of noise control and amelioration measures, e.g. barriers, berms, building insulation requirements, silencers for equipment, etc.
  • Noise complaint investigations